why i left stan twitter

I speak only from my experience with stan Twitter.

Stan Twitter is one of the, if not the most, toxic places you can be in.

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a foreword

So, it’s been another month or two since my last update and I’m not even really sure what I should write about. It has come to my attention that this WordPress blog has turned into some sort of weird diary for me and I’m sort of confused as to what I exactly want from this blog.

I just know for a fact that it’s not necessarily just what kind of shit that goes through my mind. I want this to contain other things too, like the one where I talk about being careful of Pentatonix’s merchandise company and, to an extension, Pentatonix itself.

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drinking coffee

Even I’m annoyed by my case of social anxiety.

It’s not all my fault, though. Yeah, sure, pushing the blame on someone else sounds like the worst thing to do, but it’s the only logical thing I can think of.

I’m not the most courageous person I know. I can only have enough guts to do anything when I’m with a friend or someone I know. I don’t like doing anything alone unless it’s something that can be done on your own (aka writing on the computer). I loathe human interaction. I would rather you kill me than have me walk up or call a stranger to do normal adult stuff.

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