About Me

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Jordan and I’m eighteen. I am male, thus my pronouns are he/him/his.

I’m currently a student studying BA(Hons) Creative Writing at Falmouth University. An arts degree, yes, I know. I’m really committing to this whole writing thing, considering I started writing only because of fanfiction. Humble beginnings, huh?

I’m trilingual and am learning another two languages. I aim to become fluent (as close as possible, anyway) in Norwegian, Swedish and Japanese in the future. I don’t mind if I learn French and Spanish, too, but that’s probably aiming too far and asking for too much.

Even though I’m trilingual and my mother language is Cantonese, I’m somehow better at English (my second language), which is why I use it to communicate and write.

I enjoy a good book even though I get distracted by everything yet paying attention to nothing.

To get into ‘the zone’ to write and keeping my focus, I like listening to rain sounds, such as a constant loop from the website rainymood.com, layered on top of chill, acoustic, indie music on Spotify. I’ve created multiple playlists filled with such music – pure soundtrack and songs alike. To write quickly, though, I prefer songs that don’t have lyrics.

On the side of writing, I like to do some graphical things like messing about in Photoshop. I’m not that great at it and even though it was my top pick for a degree (Graphic Design), I wasn’t accepted. It makes sense. So now my ‘hobby’ (writing) is my main work and my ‘main work’ (drawing/design/graphics) is my hobby.

In order to stay awake, since I absolutely adore sleeping, I drink at least two to three cups of coffee a day. Hm? It’s unhealthy to rely on caffeine, you say? Does it look like I care? No, I probably don’t because I haven’t had my coffee yet and I look dead.

The purpose of this WordPress blog is for me to write more than just fiction. I will recount my thoughts during the day when something interesting happens and I will post them here, instead of my Tumblr.

Thanks for reading! Remember: get inspired, get writing.

Yours faithfully,


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