above the clouds, above the skies

Am I allergic to proper capitalization to certain words? Yes, yes, I am. I think lowercase is aesthetically pleasing, and I’m a whore for aesthetics.

I feel like this would be my introduction post, where I tell you about things that you’re not interested if you don’t want to stalk me. Or things that you already know if you stalk me.

On why I started this blog in the first place:
I did so because I thought it’d be cool. My best friend had mentioned a blog started by our mutual friend, at the same time we had a guest speaker coming over to our school talking about starting blogs.

Besides, I always have something to say, even though I kind of have another “diary” thread on a roleplaying website. I feel like it’s not the place for that kind of stuff so I don’t post much.

So, that’s that. Here I am.

I’m still mapping the place out, so I might miss a lot of features. Don’t worry, I’ll probably figure everything else soon by the end of the week if I post often enough.

Most of my entries would probably be about my life, even though I don’t really have time for this. Or that my life probably isn’t really that interesting.

But there is one thing you probably need to know about me if you don’t know me already — I’m transgender.

If you don’t know what transgender means, I’m going to give you the short version: I am born one sex but I feel the other gender.

My name is Jordan but it hasn’t always been. I’m not going to tell you my birth name because that’s not my name anymore. I’m going to change it so you better get used to Jordan.

Honestly, I have nothing else to say. I hope you have a fun time reading my entries or whatever. And hello to classmates if this ends up circulating my grade. Namely, the mutual friend.

P.S. The only good thing about this blog is that I’m not 13 or 14. I have full control of my emotions, sort of, and I won’t say anything offensive. At least, I would make sense, right?



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