it’s a wide ocean and a tight emotion

I suppose this is a place as any to start mentioning how I feel recently about my gender identity and how others are coping.

No, I’m not completely out yet, so I don’t suppose others would suddenly start referring me as Jordan and be fine with it, no questions asked. But I have been dropping enough hints for people — those who have a shred of respect left in the humanity tattered body of theirs — to start referring me as male.

Unfortunately, there aren’t actually that many people. And even within the people who are willing to, they don’t seem to actively do it.

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one two three, one two three, drink

My grades aren’t really looking up as they should.

Surely, they are better than before? I don’t really know. I’m not doing terribly as I thought I’d be. My grades in English Literature aren’t bad but they aren’t as good as I wanted. Somehow I slipped up during the exams and ended up with the lowest grade in the class of six people.

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above the clouds, above the skies

Am I allergic to proper capitalization to certain words? Yes, yes, I am. I think lowercase is aesthetically pleasing, and I’m a whore for aesthetics.

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